Our new website has gone live. To make any purchases please visit our new website at www.englishandmedia.co.uk
To access downloads for purchases made before 13th May 2015
please login to this website and access your downloads in the normal way.
To find out more please visit this page http://www.emcdownload.co.uk/new-emc-website-launching-13-may

Important information about EMCdownload

Exciting News! New English and Media Centre Website Launching 13th May

  • From Wednesday 13th May you will no longer be able to purchase PDF and Video PDF publications from EMCdownload. 

  • All EMC publications, all publications, whether print or digital download, will be available to purchase from will be available from our new English and Media Centre website.
  • UK schools will be able to request an invoice for download publications, as an alternative to paying by credit/debit card. 

  • Teachers registered on the site as individuals will be able to pay for purchases by credit/debit card, in just the same way as on the old EMCdownload site.
  • Publications bought on EMCdownload will be available to download from this site until 31st December 2015.

What does this mean for EMCdownload?

When the new website launches, EMCdownload will cease to operate as a separate purchasing site.

It will, however, remain online until the end of 2015, as an archive site only, with all previously purchased PDF and Video PDF resources available to download.

As purchases made on the EMCdownload site will not be transferred to the new site, please ensure you have downloaded all your products (and made a back up!).

This is what you need to do:

  • Log in to your EMCdownload account on this site.
  • Go to 'My Downloads'.
  • Click on the icons to download your publications. (There are detailed instructions on how to do this on the 'My Downloads' page.)
  • Buying publications on the new English and Media Centre website

From Wednesday 13th May, go to http://www.englishandmedia.co.uk

  • Click the ‘Account sign in’ button (top right) and register an account. Please do not try to sign in with your old EMCdownload username and password.
  • Once you’ve activated your account you can buy and download publications in the way you have been used to on EMCdownload. (You will be also able to use this same account to apply for course and conference places and subscribe to magazines.)
  • Download publications bought on the new site will be available in 'My Account', accessed by signing in to your account. Please note: download publications bought on the EMCdownload site will not be transferred to your new account on the new site. To access these publications, follow the instructions above.

Any questions? Feel free to email to Lucy